Hamburger Polo Club and F.C.Barcelona will fight tomorrow for the first place at Valencia Fallas Trophy!

Matches today ended up with Hamburger Polo Club and F.C. Barcelona for the final. Wattignies H.C. and C.H. Pozuelo will play for the third place.

The first game began at 9:30, which left F.C. Barcelona victorious after beating C.H. Xaloc 3-1. C.H. Xaloc was, therefore, left out of the semi-finals and would have to wait to discover which team they would be facing for 5th place. At 11:00 C.H. San Fernando faced C.H. Pozuelo and lost 0-3, tying with Wattignies H.C. The first place group A tie started at 12:30 and F.C. Barcelona played hard winning 2-1 against Hamburger Polo Club.

At 14:00 C.H. Xaloc’s Youth Teams Tournament started with around 100 U-12 hockey players. Kids had an opportunity to play, show off their hockey skills and ask the senior players for some autographs.

After C.H. Xaloc’s Youth Teams Tournament Wattignies H.C. and C.H. San Fernando played a shoot out series that ended with a 2-1 victory for the French, who would later play in the semifinals against F.C. Barcelona. At 16:30 the match between C.H. Pozuelo and Hamburger Polo Club started. The final result was 0-0 and took us to another shoot out series that saw Hamburger Polo Club as victors after 7 shots.

The last match of the day saw C.H. San Fernando beat local boys, C.H.Xaloc 3-1 leaving the Valencians in last position.

Tomorrow, at 09:30, C.H. Pozuelo and Wattignies H.C. will be fighting for 3rd place and immediately after Hamburger Polo Club and F.C. Barcelona will play for 1st place and the 1000€ prize.