Competition groups for Valencia Fallas Trophy defined

The official draw to decide the competition groups for the Valencia Fallas Trophy will give us an exciting, high level and competitive tournament

The draw for the competition groups for Valencia Fallas Trophy has taken place and has left us with a very interesting competition. In group A we have the local team C.H. Xaloc accompanied by the Hamburger Polo Club and F.C.Barcelona – Hockey. This leaves us with Wattignies H.C., C.H. Pozuelo and C.H. San Fernando in group B.

All of the teams will play their group matches on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Semifinals and the match for the fifth and sixth position will be played on Saturday afternoon. This way, the match for the third and fourth position will be played on Sunday morning, and so will be the final of the tournament where two teams will compete to become the winner of the first edition of Valencia Fallas Trophy and receive the 1.000€ prize.